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Alex Angeloni

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Alex is a passionate person with a kind spirit and a deeply rooted history in both the real estate industry & Philadelphia. Although born in South Jersey- Alex grew up coming to visit family in Philadelphia often and moved here herself after college. Alex also grew up learning about her father’s commercial real estate development business and began working on projects with him as early as Middle School. Still eager to find her own path, Alex went on to study Economics at Rutgers University in New Brunswick where she landed an investment banking internship with UBS. However, it was not long before she realized her heart was in real estate. Upon graduation, she went into business with her father and brother at J&J Development Group where she became skilled in land acquisition, contract negotiation & project management. During the down times of the long commercial real estate processes, Alex began working in the residential sector with Sabal Real Estate in New Jersey where she immediately became passionate about helping other’s find their perfect home. Alex is still involved with commercial development projects & maintaining her client-relationships in NJ, but she has shifted her main focus to The Philadelphia Apartment Company because of her love for Philadelphia & the opportunity she see’s in the company’s unique business model. When Alex isn’t working on a real estate project, you can find her calming herself through meditation, music, reading, writing & cuddling with her rescue dog. She also tries to walk outside of her Old City apartment and soak in everything Philadelphia has to offer as much as possible.

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