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8 Storage Ideas for a Small Apartment

8 Storage Ideas for a Small Apartment

Apartment living can offer a prime location, five star amenities and access to public transportation, but it can also limit your space. If you love your apartment but need some creative storage ideas to hold all of your stuff, we have the answer! Even if you’re not desperate for more space, these storage ideas are so creative, you may want to take advantage anyway.

Storage Ottoman

Using furniture that can double in function is a great space saver (and a good way to clear the clutter). Grab an ottoman or two that can act as seating for guests, décor when it’s not being used, and storage space just by pulling off the top. Put away toys, books, decorations, or whatever you need to hide.

Hang It

Minimize the use of your valuable floor space by storing things vertically. From an herb garden to kitchen utensils, using small tin buckets, cups, or plastic containers to hold your goodies will free up floor and drawer space.


Again with the goal of freeing floor or cabinet space in mind, install shelves or open storage containers on your walls to hold you photos, books or candles. When you use open storage containers, you don’t have to worry about having enough space to open a door.

Use Curtains

Whether you need to hide shelves of clothing in a bedroom, or want to create more floor space by removing a closet door, redefine and hide your stuff by adding a curtain. The options are limitless. Opt for a pop of color, texture, or dimension with the curtain you choose and no one will ever have to know you’re hiding your things or creating more space.

Build On

Build on small, simple storage pieces to furniture you already own. For example, if you have a small island or prep table in your kitchen, latch on a magazine holder to the side so you can store spices, magazines, or cookbooks.

Hide Storage

Baskets, table cloths that disguise shelves beneath table tops, or fabric cube storage bins can be a modern way to keep things tucked away. You don’t even need shelving for most of these options. Slip the storage baskets under an entryway or sofa back table.

Add an Entry

No coat closet? No problem. Add a bench, or gutted bookshelf to your entryway. The key is to make sure the bench offers secret storage with a removable lid. Throw in your shoes, bags, or coats until you need them and leave your entrance clear and tidy.

Choose Furniture Wisely

With limited space, it’s difficult enough to get in a few large pieces of furniture, so it becomes even more important to make sure the storage offered is top notch. With large pieces, get creative with how you can expand their use. A day bed, for example, could be used as a couch during the day and a sleeping place for guests, or, use a wine glass rack to hang mason jars full of pasta, paperclips or whatever it is you need to stash.


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