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5 Quick Tips For Apartment Hunting in Philadelphia

5 Quick Tips For Apartment Hunting in Philadelphia

5 Quick Tips About Apartment Hunting in Philadelphia

5 Quick Tips For Apartment Hunting in Philadelphia

Spring has finally sprung here in Philadelphia, and with its arrival, comes an influx of energy that meanders through our sunshiney, city streets. After months of gray winter days, the springtime search for the perfect apartment is sure to seduce even the most serious shopper while bringing the city to life with an invigorated spirit of excitement.

Searching for a new apartment in Philadelphia this season is, frankly, a beautiful experience – temperate weather, beautiful blooming flower boxes everywhere you look, and lots of swoon-worthy real estate hitting the market just in time for the spring rental season. But, apartment shopping isn’t all rainbows and butterflies…it’s a serious endeavor that requires, at least, a bit of thoughtful planning. So, let’s get the more serious shopping details out of the way so that you can get back to Pinning the perfect living room layout. Here are our top five tips to have the best experience while you shop for your dream apartment here in the City of Brotherly Love:

Shop for Apartments on a Tuesday

Tuesdays are historically the slowest day for apartment showings in Philadelphia…that means easier-to-book appointment slots and less competition while shopping. Plus, according to, you might want to consider shopping during the first week of the month to land the best deal. Rents have been known to rise by about .4% during the course of the month, with the biggest spike in price occurring between the first and second week.

Bring Your Checkbook

The Philadelphia rental market is hot and happening…inventory won’t last long. So, if you find the apartment of your dreams and know that you want to proceed with the leasing process, you’ll need to move quickly. If you didn’t bring your checkbook, you’ll be unable to put down a proper deposit leaving your apartment vulnerable to being snatched up by the better-prepared couple who’s scheduled for the very next showing.

Don’t Forget Your ID

Before rushing out the door in a whirl of excitement, don’t forget to grab your ID. (And, it has nothing to do with confirming that you’re legal to grab that glass of champagne you’re planning on enjoying after you sign your shiny, new lease.) In a rental situation, providing proper identification to the landlord or agent is crucial to close on a deal. Without proper identification, you might miss out on a property, so don’t leave home without it.

Take Uber to Showings

Chances are you’re looking at more than one apartment per day, and if you’ve driven in Philadelphia – or any major metropolitan area for that matter – you know parking can be, well, let’s just say…a challenge. (And, we won’t even get into the frustration that comes with getting ticketed when your showing runs a minute or two longer than expected!) Skip the hassle and grab an Uber instead.

Call the Experts

Not to brag, but….with more than 12 years of combined experience in the Philadelphia Apartment Market, we know a thing or two about apartment hunting. Plus, our service is completely free for renters! If you’re searching for your dream apartment this spring, let one of our Rental Agents guide you through the process.


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